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  • £8.50
  • Chocolate Martini

    A delicious chocolate concoction of Frangelico, Vanilla Vodka, Thornton’s Chocolate Liquor & Cream. A girls dream.

  • £8.50
  • Pornstar Martini

    Vodka, Passoa & Passion fruit puree gives you a fruity cocktail with a side of bubbles our favourite cocktail.

  • £8.50
  • Espresso Martini

    A sweet coffee delight. Vodka, Kahlua with a touch of Maple Syrup. Will keep you buzzing all night.

  • £8.50
  • Vodka Martini

    The classic Bond tipple. Vodka and Vermouth shaken, not stirred with an olive garnish.

  • £8.50
  • Long Island Iced Tea

    A long refreshing drink served over ice, who knew vodka, Gin, Tequila, Rum & Cointreau could taste so good.

  • £7.50
  • Cellar Elderflower Cooler

    Summer in a glass, a refreshing drink served over ice with Wine, Elderflower Liquer & Soda

  • £7.50
  • Brandy Alexander

    A creamy cocktail perfect for at the end of the night

  • £7.50
  • Cellar Cosmo

    With a cellar twist

  • £7.50
  • Mojito: Dirty/Classic or Berry
  • £5.95
  • Cocktail of The Week

    Every week our cocktail will change so pop in and take a look at our special this week.



  • £8.00
  • Princess

    Prosecco served with Chambord, a black cherry liquor.

  • £8.00
  • Flower

    Prosecco served with Elderflower Liquer. Refreshing and sparkly.

  • £8.00
  • Peach Bellini

    Prosecco served with Archers Peach Schnapps.